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Someone is setting California on fire, taking innocent lives and causing millions of dollars in damages. Can a team of arson investigators stop this mysterious pyro before more dam...

On Part 2 of the Lady Hannibal case, Laura Frizzo and Jeremy Ogden reveal insider information on what it takes to track down a serial killer and put her behind bars.

A missing lover and a dead husband. Could an unconventional investigative approach finally crack a very rare female serial killer, convincing her to confess her horrific crimes?

On Part 2 of The Honeybee Killer case, Aphrodite and Jessica interview Brian Dorian, the falsely charged cop, and get all the juicy details about his time in jail.

When a local cop is arrested and branded a serial killer maniac, a community finally feels at ease... but only for so long. Could a botched robbery reveal the truth behind a slew o...

On Part 2 of the Fix The Hurt case, Aphrodite and Jessica interview Lisa's mother, Linda King, and find out what Sam has been up to since his release from prison in 2011.

Lisa King-Fertic was found dead in her room, covered in bruises and foaming at the mouth. Her husband says she did it to herself. Her family and friends say otherwise.